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Warren Buffett's annual letter to Berkshire Hathaway shareholders, mailed to them today, contains the usual mixture of anecdotes, jokes, admissions of mistakes and wisdom. Buffett says that companies looking at takeovers should beware of what sellers tell them; to illustrate, he tells this tale.
A man says to a veterinarian: "Can you help me? Sometimes my horse walks just fine and sometimes he limps."
Replies the vet: "No problem. When he's walking fine, sell him." (Warren Buffett is a famous US investor; probably the most successful investor of all time)
-- from Adam Starchild

It Could Have Been Worse

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There was an old country sheriff who always said, "It could have been worse." No matter what happened, the old sheriff always had the same answer: "It could have been worse."

One day, two deputies in the sheriff's office answered an emergency call at a farmhouse. When they walked in, they found the nude bodies of a man and a woman in the bedroom. They had been shot to death. When they went to the living room, they found the body of a man with a gun at his side.

"No doubt about it," one deputy said to the other. "This was a double murder and suicide. This guy came home and found his wife in bed with somebody else and shot them both. Then he shot himself."

"You're right," the other deputy replied. "Double murder and suicide. But I'll bet you when the sheriff gets here he's going to say "it could have been worse."

"No way. How could it be worse? There are three people in the more...


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Toward the end of our senior year in high school, we were required to take a CPR course. The classes used the well known mannequin victim, Resusci-Annie, to practice. Typical of most models, this Resusci-Annie was only a torso, to allow for storage in a carrying case. The class went off in groups to practice.

As instructed, one of my classmates gently shook the doll and asked "Are you all right?"

He then put his ear over the mannequin's mouth to listen for breathing.

Suddenly he turned to the instructor and exclaimed, "She said she can't feel her legs!"

The Gossip

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A woman repeated a bit of gossip about a neighbor. Within a few days the whole community knew the story.
The person it concerned was deeply hurt and offended.
Later the woman responsible for spreading the rumor learned that it was completely untrue.
She was very sorry and went to a wise old sage to find out what she could do to repair the damage.
"Go to the marketplace," he said, "and purchase a chicken, and have it killed. Then on your way home, pluck its feathers and drop them one by one along the road."
Although surprised by this advice, the woman did what she was told.
The next day the wise man said, "Now go and collect all those feathers you dropped yesterday and bring them back to me."
The woman followed the same road, but to her dismay, the wind had blown the feathers all away. After searching for hours, she returned with only three in her hand.
"You see," said the old sage, "it's easy to drop more...

Stupid White guy

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There's three men,
one singhala, one tamil, and one stupid white guy,
looking for the famous genie in the lamp.
Somewhere they find this lamp.
Upon rubbing it,
the genie comes out and grants the three men,
three wishes--one for each.
Since we all know white people rule the world,
the genie first asked the stupid white guy
for his wish.
Whitey thought and thought and thought
and finally said, "Let the other two go first."
Since white people rule the world, the genie obeyed.
Since S come before T,
he asked the Singala guy for his wish.
"I want one of the stupidest wars in history
to stop," said the singhala guy.
The Genie replied, "Wish granted."
And so it was.
The singhala guy was wisked back home, happy.
Then the genie asked the tamil guy for his wish.
"I want the war in Lankava to end,"
the tamil guy said.
"The other guy more...

Where did the meteorologist stop for a drink on the way home from a long day in the studio? The nearest ISOBAR!!

Why are chorus girls like barge horses? They have to tow the line!