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Made in Korea

Hot 2 years ago

North Korea has tested 6 missiles, with one of them having the potential to reach the USA, mainly California. California? Great! Who cares? Don't bother me. I live in New York. Let me know when they have one that can reach Chicago, cause then it's too close for comfort.

Bully Bush

Hot 3 years ago

North Korea declared Tuesday that it will be conducting its first-ever nuclear test in response to what it called "increasing U.S. hostility".

President Bush responded by giving Kim Jong Il a wedgie and then taking his lunch money.


Hot 5 years ago

The U.S. says North Korea launched a long-range missile, but it failed thirty-five seconds after take-off. North Korea says it was a successful launch of an extremely-short-range missile.

Bad Dude with Duds

Hot 2 years ago

Why are we making such a big deal about North Korea and their missiles? Have you ever bought anything that said Made in Korea that actually worked?

Missile Shield

Hot 2 years ago

In the wake of North Korea's missile tests, President Bush admitted that the U.S.'s missile defense system's abilities are "modest." For the time being, Bush is stationing Dick Cheney and his shotgun on a cruiser in the Sea of Japan.