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    Kim Jong Il has cancer. He will be succeeded by his oldest son, Kim Jong Healthy.

    A very angry and defiant Kim Jong IL lashed back at American media yesterday for spreading lies and anti North Korean propoganda. Kim went on National TV to address his tiny isolated country to call Laura Ling and Euna Lee " Skill-full and dishonest liars of the worst kind! " Jong went on to say, Ms Ling and Ms Lee received V.I.P. treatment while guests in his wonder capital. " I gave those two broads first-class accommodations in the 5 star Pyongyang Hilton Hotel. I tell them, Please enjoy all hotel facilities, amenities, health club and gym, swimming pool, and naughty cable in room TV. I also say, don't worry about bill. No charge for you, everything is comp. for you just like in Atlantic City casino hotel. So you know what they do? Everyday they order meals from room service and make my hotel staff go crazy. They order Rock Lobster, Stone Crab, CherryStone Clam, Rock Cornish Hen, Sand Shark, Sandwich, Chicken Nugget, Marble Cake, Stone Ground Bread, Fruity Peddles, more...

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