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The University of Illinois and Northwestern may play a football game at Wrigley Field. Because college football has a lot in common with the Cubs: no playoffs.

Illinois plans to play a football game at Wrigley Field. Cubs fans can't wait to watch a team that can actually hit.

(Baseball humor, for those out there who are Non-Cub fans.)
In 1908, the Chicago Cubs won the World Series. Since then:
Radio was invented.
Four states were admitted to the Union.
The atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
Television was invented.
The U.S. went through the Great Depression.
The U.S. participated in two world wars and two major armed
conflicts, Korea and Vietnam.
The NFL was founded.
Man landed on the moon.
Thirteen presidents were elected and one was appointed.
Harry Carey was born.
Wrigley Field was built and became the oldest baseball park
in the National League.
Five flag poles, erected at Wrigley Field for the purpose of
holding a World Series flag, have worn out and been replaced
without ever holding a pennant.
Lights were installed at twenty-five major league baseball
stadiums-except Wrigley Field.
Ten teams were added to the major leagues.
Halley's Comet passed the more...

Chicago is excited for the Blackhawks' hockey game at Wrigley Field next month. Though fans are being warned that it's going to be so cold, it will be what hell feels like when the Cubs win a World Series.

The Red Wings and Blackhawks will play on New Year's Day at Wrigley Field. With ice on the field, Cub fans may better understand why success keeps slipping away.