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    Laloo, Jayalalitha, and karunanidhi are on a long flight in an Air Force plane. Laloo pulls out a 100 Rupee note and says, "I'm going to throw this Rs. 100 note out and make someone down below happy."
    Jayalalitha not wanting to be outdone says,
    "If that was my 100 Rupee note, I would split it into two Rs. 50 notes throw them down and make two people down below happy."
    Of course karunanidhi doesn't want these two candidates to out do him so he pipes in,
    " I would instead take one hundred Rs. 1 notes and throw them out to
    make 100 people just a little happier."
    At this point the pilot who has overheard all this bragging and can't stand it anymore comes out and says,
    "If I throw all three of you out of this plane and I'll make 100 crore people happy!"

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    Rabri Devi, Sonia Gandhi and Jayalalitha were flying together in a plane.
    They were just talking among themselves when
    Rabri said:' I have this 100 rupee note. If I drop this from the plane then it will fall on the ground and one Indian will pick it up and so I can make one Indian happy.
    So Sonia pulled out two 50 rupee notes and said: If I drop these two 50 rupee notes, I can make two Indians happy.
    Lastly Jaya pulled out 100 one rupee note and said:' If I can drop all 100 one rupee notes, then I can make 100 Indians happy.'
    Seeing all this hypocrisy the pilot could not resist himself and said: If I can drop all three of you from the plane, I can make one billion Indians happy.

    Elderly Man Sued for Stopping at Stop Sign
    September 9, 2002 - Atlanta, USA
    In a case possibly first of its kind, 67 year old Arthur Thompson is being sued by 32 year old Lynn Manaouski for stopping at a 4-way stop sign. In her statement she described how she came up to the intersection leading into her downtown condo, and rear ended the driver in front of her due to his 'complete and full stop'. She continues to say that of the almost 2 years of living in that particular condominium complex, she had not once been behind someone who had made a full stop at the stop sign, and that his inability to be 'consistent with typical driving patterns' caused the accident. As a result, she is convinced that Mr. Thompson is directly responsible for the accident and should be held accountable for all incurred costs of repair to both vehicles. When reminded that it is the law to make a complete stop at a stop sign, her abrupt response was "I am quite capable of deciding when it is a more...

    Santa and Banta are sitting in a bar getting pretty loaded. Suddenly, Banta throws up all over himself.
    "Aw man, my wife is going to kill me when she sees this," he says.
    Santa replies, "Don't worry about it. That happened to me before. Here's what you do. Put a 100 rupee note in your pants pocket. When you get home, tell your wife that some drunk threw up on you and he gave you Rs 100 to pay for the cleaning, OK?"
    "All right, I'll try it."
    So Banta goes home and his wife immediately starts bitching about his suit. "Now look what you've done to yourself!!"
    "No, no, " Banta slurs back. "Some drunk guy puked on me, but he gave me this 100 rupee note to get my suit cleaned."
    With that he reaches into his pocket and throws the money on the table.
    Mrs. Banta looks at it and says, "I thought that you said he only gave you one 100 rupee note. How come there are two here?"
    Banta slurs back, more...

    A rich widower miser went back to India and married a young village girl. The girl did not like his hugging and kissing all the time. He thought of a scheme to teach his wife not to hate his American Life Style. He bought a piggy bank and told his wife that every time he kisses or hugs her, he will put a rupee coin in the piggy bank and at the end of the month she can open the bank and buy a new saree with the money. The scheme worked very well. The young wife showed more willingness to be kissed and hugged. At the end of the month he gave her the key and told his wife to open the piggy bank. What he was did not please him. There were many 5 and 20 rupee bills along with rupee coins in the box.
    ”Where did these come from?! ” he demanded angrily. “I’ve been putting only rupee coins! ”
    "Not everyone is as kanjoos as you! ” replied the wife.

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