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    A pig walks into a bar and orders a beer. After drinking it, he hops off the bar stool, pees on the floor and leaves.Another pig comes in, drinks his beer, pees on the floor and leaves.A third and forth piggy come in and do the same exact thing.Finally, a fifth piggy comes in to the bar and orders a beer. After finishing his beer, he gets off the bar stool and begins to walk out the door.Before reaching the door, the bartender yells - "Hey Pig...aren't you going to pee on the floor like the others?"To which the pig replies - "No you idiot! Everyone knows that the last little piggy goes WEE WEE WEE - all the way home!"

    As a painless way to save money, a young couple arranged that every time they have sex the husband puts his pocket change into a china piggy bank on the bedside table. One night while being unusually athletic, he accidentally knocked the piggy bank onto the floor where it smashes.
    To his surprise, among the masses of coins, there are handfuls of five and ten dollar bills. He asks his wife "What's up with all the notes?", to his wife which replies, "Well, not everyone is as cheap as you are."

    John Magrich 4, defeated serval dozen grown-ups to win the 1965 Los Angles County Hog Calling contest.
    The grown-ups strained with calls like: "Pig, Pig, Pig WHOOOoooeee, WHOOOoooeee, WHOOOoooeee, Pig, Pig, Pig" or "OOOOooooeeee, OOOOooooeeee ERGH, ERGH RRrkie, RRoooeee, Pig Pig Pig, Piggy."
    John cried. "Here piggy piggy." and 6 pigs walked right up to him.

    one day a boy and his sister were about to go to bed when his sister says "
    can i sleep with you"
    , her brother says "
    just dont look under the covers now. The sister looked ounder the covers and says "
    what is that?"
    her brother says oh that is mr piggy wiggy. The next morning the brother woke up in the hospital and asked his sister why he was hear, then the sister says Mr. Piggy Wiggy spit on me so i broke his arm and bit his head off!

    Q: Why can't Miss Piggy count to 70?
    A: Because she has a frog in her throat at 69!

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