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    No Pubic Hair?

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    A husky foreigner, looking for sex, accepted a prostitute's terms.When she undressed, he noticed that she had no pubic hair.The man shouted, "What, no wool? In my country all women have wool down there."The prostitute snapped back, "What do you want to do, knit or fuck?"

    Dart Team

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    Doris and Fred had started their retirement years and decided to raise some extra cash by advertising for a tenant for their terrace house. After a few days, a young attractive woman applied for the room and explained that she was a model working in a
    nearby city center studio for a few weeks and that she would like the room from Mondays to Thursdays, but would pay for the whole week.
    Doris showed her the house and they agreed to start straight away. "There's just one problem," explained the model. "Because of my job, I have to take a bath every night, and I notice you don't have a bath."
    "That's not a problem," replied Doris. "We have a tin
    bath out in the yard and we bring it in to the living room in front of the fire and fill it with hot water."
    "What about your husband?" asked the model.
    "Oh, he plays darts most weekdays, so he will be out in the evenings," replied Doris.
    "Good," said more...

    Curly Pubic Hair

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    Why is pubic hair curly?
    So you don't poke your eyes out!

    I'm am writing this little story in the day of the lives of Laura and Randy. It all started on a Sunday mourning, bright and early, with boredom. We decided to spend a fun filled day with all the luxuries of our lives. We decided to start the day with a ride on his Harley, witch we both enjoy the freedom of the road. We road for a couple of hours and a took a well needed rest, so then we decided to take a cruise on my boat, which we also enjoy, because of all the quiet and alone time, with no one else around, not even a phone. We cruised for around a hour or so and decided it was time to get something to eat, so we returned home and jumped in the explorer and headed down the road to get something to eat. Well we hit the road and came across a Rite Aide, and I decided to ask him to pull in and get me some Captain Morgans, and he did just that. As he left the liquor store he put my alcohol in the back of the explore, now my day seemed to be complete. So with all he did with me and for more...

    Q: How is pubic hair like parsley?
    A: You push it to the side before you start eating.

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