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    Ebonics Crimmus Pome

    Wuz de nite befo Crimmus An' all ower de hood ereybody wuz' sleepin' Dey wuz sleepin' good

    We hunged up our stockings An hoped like de' heck That ol Sanna Clause Be bringin' our check

    All o'de fambily Wuz layin in de beds While Ripple and Thunderbird Dance tru' dey heads

    I passed out inna' flo Right nex to my Maw When I heard sech a fuss I thunk: "It mus be de law!!!"

    I looked out thru de bars What covered my doe' spectin' de sheriff Wif a warrent fo sho

    And what did I see I said, "Lawd look at dat!!" Ther' wuz a huge watermellon Pulled by giant warf rats!!

    Now ober all de years Santa Clause, he be white But looks liken us bros Gets a black Sanna dis nite

    Faster dan a Po'lees car My home boy he came He whupped on dem warf rats An' called dem by name!

    On Leroy, on' Lonzo And on Willie Lee On Saphire, on Chenequa Dey wuz a site to more...

    Wuz de night befo Crismus
    An all ober de hood
    Everybody wuz sleepin'
    Day wuz sleepin' good.

    Everbody wuz sleepin'
    all tight in they beds
    Whilst Thunderbird Wine
    Danced in they heads

    I was passed out on de flo
    Right next to my Ma
    When I heard such a fuss
    I thinked "It must be de law!!"

    I looked out tru de barz
    dat covered my do
    Spectin' de sherif
    with a warrant fo sho!

    Now ober de years
    Sanny Claws, he be white.
    But it lookin' like us bros
    got a black Sanny dis night

    Now what I did see
    made me say "LAWD Lood at dat!"
    It was a huge watermellon cadi
    pulled by dwarf rats

    Faster than a po-lice car
    True de air he came
    an whupped up on dem warf rats
    an called emm by name.

    On Leroy, on Kendrick,
    On Jontarious Lee, on Falacious
    They was a sight to see

    He didn't go down no more...

    Wuz de night befo CrismusAn all ober de hoodEverybody wuz sleepin'Day wuz sleepin' good. Everbody wuz sleepin'all tight in they bedsWhilst Thunderbird WineDanced in they headsI was passed out on de floRight next to my MaWhen I heard such a fussI thinked "It must be de law!!"I looked out tru de barzdat covered my doSpectin' de sherifwith a warrant fo sho! Now ober de yearsSanny Claws, he be white. But it lookin' like us brosgot a black Sanny dis nightNow what I did seemade me say "LAWD Lood at dat!"It was a huge watermellon cadipulled by dwarf ratsFaster than a po-lice carTrue de air he camean whupped up on dem warf ratsan called emm by name. On Leroy, on Kendrick, On Jontarious Lee, on FalaciousThey was a sight to seeHe didn't go down no chimbly-just picked de lock on my do'An I says to myself-"Shit! He done did befo'!"He had a big sackfull of presents I spectWith Air Jordans and Fake Goldto go' round my neck. But he didn't leave any presents-just started more...

    One day Rastus and Liza Jane were sitting at the bus stop when Rastus ups and asks, "Liza Jane can I's look up your dress before the bus gets here?" Liza Jane was startled and said, "No Rastus you cain't!"Well Rastus persisted and persisted till finally Liza Jane said, "Alright if'n it will shut you up you can." So Rastus looks up her dress and sees that see has no panties on to which he exclaims, "Sho is a wonder!"Well the bus shows up and they gets on. Next day, Rastus and Liza Jane are sitting there again when Rastus ups and asks her, "Liza Jane, can I look up your dress again?" Well Liza Jane at first refused, but as the day before she then gave in. So Rastus looks up there and seeing no panties he exclaims, again, "Sho is a wonder!"Well this goes on for a few days when on the last day that Liza Jane would permit Rastus to look up her dress she tells him, "Rastus you can look up my dress but you have to tell me one more...

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