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    MTV is trying to shake up the VMAs. Producers are encouraging audience members to jump onstage and create a "water cooler moment." Of course, if MTV really wanted to shake things up, they could play a music video.

    India has demanded that MTV apologize for airing "indecent" music videos. MTV retaliated by demanding that India apologize for the sitar.

    Prominent blacks have condemned as racist an episode of "Where My Dogs At?", an animated show on MTV2. The episode depicts Snoop Doggy Dogg walking into a pet store leading two black women on leashes. One of them then defecates on the floor. I don't get it. How is that racist? Were there watermelon seeds in it?

    Another former MTV reality show celebrity couple has called it quits. Rocker, Travis Barker and his Playboy Playmate wife, Shanna Moakler, are splitting after less than two years of marriage. They follow in the paparazzi-plagued footsteps of Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey, as well as Carmen Electra and Dave Navarro.
    Perhaps one way to maintain a good, stable marriage is to have your reality show camera crew turn off the cameras when those twins want to show you their admiration in your hotel room after the concert.

    NEW YORK - The MTV Networks are starting a new channel aimed at young Latinos called MTV Tr3s. Tr3s, pronounced as the Spanish word for three, begins operation on Monday and follows MTV, MTV2. Latino versions of MTV hit shows such "My Super Sixteen" and "Pimp My Ride" will be slightly altered.
    For example,"Quiero Mis Quinces" will differ in that it will be a combination Fifteen Year Birthday party/Baby shower.

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