"Ole and Lena's Outhouse" joke

Possibly offensive to Norwegians since Ole and Lena are from Norway but now live in the US. I am 100% norwegian so I figure I can get by with this! One day Lena stops Ole and tells him that the outhouse is full and he has to do something about it. Ole comments that Sven is comming over the next weekend, and since he has been going to an engineering school he should have an idea of the best way to handle the situation.
That weekend Sven comes over and Ole explains his dilemma. ..
"Sven, we got to do somethin' about the outhouse, it is full and Lena is getting very upset about it"
"Well Ole, I have an idea. We will place several sticks of dynamite around the outside of the outhouse with a fuse just long enough to allow us to run behind the house before it goes off. The outhouse will be blown straight up, the crap in the hole will be blown out into the fields to fertilize them, then outhouse will fall right back down to were it was."
Ole thought this was a fantastic plan so Ole and Sven got to work and set all the dynamite just right. They lit the fuse and ran for the house. Just as they got to the back of the house Lena came running out the back door and made a bee line for the outhouse. Before Ole could stop her she ducked into the outhouse slamming the door behind her and. ..
BOOOOM!, the dynamite blew. .. the outhouse when straight up, the crap was blown out to the fields and the outhouse dropped right back down where it originally sat, just like Sven had planned.
Ole runs to the outhouse worried about Lena and reaches it just as she opens the door to come out. "Lena, Lena. .. are you alright?"
Lena is a little shaken up but responds. .. "Yes Ole, I am fine. .. but I have to tell you, I'm sure glad I didn't let that one go in the house!"

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