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    Rap is to music as

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    Rap is to music as Etch-A-Sketch is to art.

    "A riot breaks out during a rap concert in South Central LA...
    Rap blamed for violence.
    A riot breaks out during elections in Rowanda...
    Politics blamed for violence.
    A riot breaks out during a hockey game in New York...
    Hockey blamed for violence.
    A riot breaks out during a nuclear peace demonstration...
    Peace blamed for violence"
    (Yes I did steal this from Tracy Marrow [Ice T]).

    Extracted from US news papers:
    In Detroit, the lawyer for accused murderer Rondelle Woods, 23, delivered part of his closing
    argument to the jury in rap:' Went to a party, sweet 16, decided to stay on the scene.' Woods was
    acquitted. But in Las Vegas in December, Eric Clark, 22, pleaded with the judge, in rap for a light
    sentence:' I'm sellin' dope, and I as gettin' paid too blind to see how I was gettin' played.' He
    got 23 years. - Universal Press Syndicate
    A Tokyo company, Juonsha, recently began offering a mail-order curse kit, featuring a straw doll to
    represent the hexee, along with eight accessories, including nails, a curse manual, and a
    curse-blocking doll to ward off return curses. The company at first marketed to boys and girls
    bullied at school, but discovered the major market is women who hope to put spells on neighbors,
    in-laws and more...

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