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    COYOTE "vs" ACME

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    In The United States District Court, Southwestern District, Tempe, Arizona Case No. B19293, Judge Lance Ito, PresidingWile E. Coyote, Plaintiff-vs. - Acme Company, DefendantOpening statement of Mr. Harold Schoff, attorney for Mr. Coyote: My client, Mr. Wile E. Coyote, a resident of Arizona and contiguous states, does hereby bring suit for damages against the Acme Company, manufacturer and retail distributor of assorted merchandise, incorporated in Delaware and doing business in every state, district, and territory. Mr. Coyote seeks compensation for personal injuries, loss of business income, and mental suffering caused as a direct result of the actions and/or gross negligence of said company, under Title 15 of the United States Code, Chapter 47, section 2072, subsection (a), relating to product liability. Mr. Coyote states that on eighty-five separate occasions he has purchased of the Acme Company (hereinafter, "Defendant"), through that company's mail-order department, more...

    Bribing the Judge

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    A defendant in a lawsuit involving large sums of money was talking to his lawyer. "If I lose this case, I'll be ruined!"
    "It's in the judge's hands now," said the lawyer.
    "Would it help if I sent the judge a box of cigars?"
    "No! The judge is a stickler on ethical behavior. A stunt like that would prejudice him against you. He might even hold you in contempt of court."
    Within the course of time, the judge rendered a decision in favor of the defendant. As the defendant left the courthouse, he said to his lawyer, "Thanks for the tip about the cigars. It really worked!"
    Confidently the lawyer responded, "I'm sure we would have lost the case if you'd sent them."
    "But I did send them.", replied the man.
    "What?" shouted the lawyer?
    "I sure did, that's how we won the case. .. good thing I remembered to enclose the plaintiff's business card."

    A feminist in a suit

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    Q. What do you call a feminist in a suit?
    A. The defendant.

    Courtroom Chaos

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    A man accused of robbing a bank was tried for the final time and was found guilty. Just before he was taken away, the man looked the judge in the eye and said, "Would it be okay if I called you a son of a bitch?"
    The judge's face went red and he roared, "It most certainly would not! I'd add another two years onto your sentence!"
    The defendant nodded and then asked, "Would it be okay if I THOUGHT you were a son of a bitch?"
    The judge was becoming very annoyed but replied, "Yes, I suppose that would be okay. I obviously have no control over your thoughts."
    The defendant smiled and said, "Well, in that case, judge, I think you are a son of a bitch!"

    Defendant: "Judge, I want you to appoint me another lawyer."
    Judge: "And why is that?"
    Defendant: "Because the Public Defender isn't interested in my case."
    Judge (to Public Defender): "Do you have any comments on the defendant's motion?"
    Public Defender: "I'm sorry, Your Honor. I wasn't listening."

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