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    One day, the lion, the mighty king of the jungle make new law: "Animals not allowed drink alcohol". In the next day lion goes to control how the new law works. There are all O.K., only rabbit is drunken.
    What's problem, rabbit, arn't you don't know the new law?
    Big grief, big grief, lion, my vife leave me!
    O.K., rabbit, that time I forgive you.
    In the next day lion again goes control animals and founds rabbit drunken:
    What's problem, rabbit, arn't you don't know the new law?
    Big joy, big joy, lion, my wife come back to me!
    O.K., rabbit, that time I forgive you, but in the last time. If one more time I see you are drunken, I f**k you.
    In next day lion again goes control order in the jungle. All O.K., but he never can't find rabbit. At last he find lake and rabbits ears from the water. Lion takes its and take out full drunken rabbit from the water.
    Rabbit, do you know, whot I'll do with you?
    But who are you?
    I am lion, the mighty more...

    THE BRITISH CONSPIRACY THEORY Just for the sake of argument, hear me out.
    I have a theory. Tell me what you think of it:
    Diana is alive.
    The entire thing was a hoax. The World's Most Photographed Person finally
    got them off her back. It took a lot of money and a great deal of
    persuasion but Diana and Al-Fayed could easily have supplied both. Check
    these facts out:
    1. Nobody has seen any images of Diana's corpse.
    2. The' eye-witnesses' who claimed to have seen the crash could very well
    have been paid to say what they did.
    3. The initial' suspects' were the paparazzi. If they were made to seem
    responsible for the' accident' then the world would revile them and no-one
    would be indecent enough to buy and publish the pictures thus assuring
    that no documentary proof of the crash ever gets seen. And even if there
    were pictures of Diana in a wrecked Merc they could easily have been
    fabricated beforehand, what with more...

    The Immense Consequences
    The death under any circumstances of a member of the Royal Family would be
    a cause for sadness. Had anyone made a list of those whose death might
    have been anticipated, Princess Diana's name would have been last on it,
    hence the worldwide shock and outpouring of grief: disbelief, anger,
    analysis, sadness and perhaps the reluctant beginnings of acceptance.
    Strong emotions would have been triggered had any Royal been even slightly
    injured in an accident. The sudden, total loss of Diana, Princess of
    Wales in a violent car crash is one of the greatest national tragedies to
    befall Britain since the Second World War.
    The memory of August 31, 1997 will long remain in people's minds: first
    we saw the gruesome wreckage of the Mercedes after hitting an underpass
    wall at high speed following a reckless chase through Paris from the Place
    Vendome to the Pont De L'Alma. By strange twists of fate, the more...

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