"What did the Egyptian man say to" joke

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Q: What did the Egyptian man say to the Egyptian woman? A: "Come behind the pyramid, and I'll make you a mummy!"

You mamma is soo fat she sat on a rainbow and skittles popped out!

you need to shut up with your 1 2 3 way back hairline.



by ryt

your hairline so far back i thought u went bald in 3rd grade

Why were ancient Egyptian children confused? Because their daddies were mummies.

One day 3 guys are in an airplane, An American, a Spaniard, and an Egyptian. Suddenly the plane gets to heavy while its over Egypt.
So the Egyptian throws a model of the Pyramids overboard. When he gets down he finds the boy crying.
Why are you crying little boy? He more...

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heskey:your hairline is fucked up just like your juicy dick
heskey:your hairline is so big that you could write gcse maths equations on it. you really are brave isn't it
heskey:the barber asked if he should push your hairline to the future and you said yes
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