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    Little Johnny had just turned six and much to his parents' chagrin, had never
    spoken.Johnny's Grandpa, a well-known local poker player, was sympathetic to Johnny's plight, and would take Johnny with him whenever possible. One regular bonding between grandpa and grandson was at the Elk's Club Saturday night straight poker game. Johnny would sit on Grandpa's lap and faithfully watch as Grandpa regularly cleaned
    out the town council members, local attorneys and judges.One Saturday night, Grandpa's cards were running bad. Nothing was working. For the first time, it looked like Grandpa's famous winning streak was about to come to an end. Towards the end of the evening, furious at his run of bad luck, Grandpa folded and threw his cards on the pot in disgust. Johnny looked up at his grandpa and said, “You shouldn't have folded, Grandpa.”Grandpa was stunned. “Johnny, you're six years old, and these are the first words you've ever spoken!”Johnny looked at Grandpa and said, more...

    These two carpenter friends in due course made some money. Hearing that there was demand and money for carpenters in England, they started to learn a bit of English.
    After some time they decided to migrate to London.
    While boarding the Air India plane at the International Airport at Delhi, Natha Singh had both his hands full. In one hand he carried a tin of pure ghee and in the other a small bag containing pulses, papars, waries etc. As he climbed the gangway, the beautiful air hostess welcomed him with folded hands.
    Natha Singh put down the ghee tin and the bag and folded his hands to return the greetings and said; "Sat Sri Akal, kurey, par mein tenno pachayana nai" (Sat Sri Akal girl, but I have not been able to place you.)

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