"My wife" joke

Hot 9 months agoby justincider

My wife and I are inseparable.

The other night it took six policemen and two dogs to pull us apart

Q: What is the similarity between a rubix cube and a dick?
A: The more you play with them, the harder they get!

your mommas so fat last time she seen 90210 was on a scale.

your mums so fat your dad has too roll 4 times too get off her

Your momma reminds me of a bowling ball, she gets picked up, fingered, throwen down a gutter and comes back for more.

your mom is so stupid when she thought a quarter back was a refund

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Heaney:In case you forgot, the legs do not connect the head to the ass, that is this thing called a torso. If he had short legs then his ass would only be closer to the ground.
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