"Jinnah And Bhutto At Crossroads" joke

GENERAL Gul Hasan who served both under Mr M. A. Jinnah and Zulfi Bhutto recounts the two men's behaviour at a railway level crossing and at a traffic signal in his Memoirs:

'On one of these drives, the rail crossing at Malir was shut and our car stopped. I looked around and saw that the train was some distance away, so I went to the gatekeeper and asked him to let us go through, of course, telling him who was in the car.

He obliged. I returned to my seat next to the driver, Aziz, and told him to move on. He answered that the Quaid-i-Azam had told him to stay put. Just then the Governor-General told me to go and tell the gatekeeper to close the gate. I did as I was bid and resumed my seat.

He then said, "Gul, do you know why I told the driver not to move the car?" I replied,' No, sir.' He said the reason was simple: "If I do not obey the law, how should I expect others to do so?" This brief statement affected me greatly.

Though the Head of State, he considered himself as bound by law as any other citizen. Such a demonstration is only possible by men who are truly great.'

'Years later, I was driving with Zulfikar Ali Bhutto to the Chinese Ambassador's residence for dinner, a day prior to our trip to Beijing in 1971.

Bhutto had won the elections in West Pakistan, and Yahya Khan deputed him to go to China as the head of a delegation of which I was a member.

He asked me to tell him what had impressed me most during my stay with the Quaid-i-Azam. I told him this story. Just then, the driver stopped the car as one of the traffic lights on Murree Road turned red. Having heard me seconds before, he told the driver, "Drive on, no one can stop me"!'

A Pakistani officer broke into the house of a professor in East Pakistan, formerly Bangladesh, and saw three pictures on the wall: Kazi Nazrul Islam, Mr Jinnah and Gurudev Tagore. He assumed that Nazrul Islam's photograph was that of a Hindu so he shot it with his revolver. Then more...

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