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One of my teachers always jokes around with us and during class and all the kids talk about his personal life. And one day during class our teacher bent over to pick his pen up and his hiney was all up in my friends face.
And my teachers favorite student said "Hey MR.***, why are you wearing a thong, and then everyone started saying things like "he's wearing a pink frilly thong!" or "it has to be XXL!" And then Mr.*** said loudly "My personal life is none of yalls buisness! Alright?" And every one, including me said "no!" And Mr.*** said " Me and my thong ain't none of yalls buisness!" Clearly Mr*** just admitted that he wears a thong! Everyone busted out laughing, and our teacher was REALLY blushing! LOL!!!

Thong Wire?

Hot 3 years ago

Q - What do barbed wire and a thong have in common?
A - Both protect the property, but neither obstruct the view.

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The Free Hugs campaign, which started in Australia and is aimed at cheering up strangers by hugging them on the street, is not going over too well in China, with some huggers even being hauled away to jail – where cellmates tend to encourage hugs.

A Mississippi woman let her husband, an avid sports fan, pick the name for their newborn son. He named the boy ESPN but the other kids will probably call him ESPenis, LeSPN, and Loser-I’m-Gonna-Kick-Your-Butt-at-RecessPN.

The mayor of Gallatin, Tennessee claims he didn’t know, when he allowed filmmakers to use his office to shoot "Thong Girl 3," that the movie was about a super-heroine who gets her powers from her red thong. Citizens are outraged and rightly so. Every decent politician knows his porn.

A Washington state man was charged with bestiality after his wife found him on the back porch having intercourse with their female pit bull terrier. He faces up to five years in more...