Teletubby Jokes

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    (Obviously sung to the tune of
    the Battle Hymn of the Republic)

    Mine eyes have seen the Teletubby
    And his cutsey little purse.
    He wears a purple outfit,
    And, dear friends, what's even worse,
    He doesn't scratch or spit or belch,
    He doesn't even curse.
    What kind of guy is he?

    Tinky Winky is a fairy.
    Moral Morons must be wary.
    Ignorance like their's is scary.
    And Tinky Winky's gay.

    I have seen his little triangle
    Where it sits upon his head,
    And we all know it's a symbol
    For the shame that can't be said.
    Now we have to purge this danger
    Or our little boys will wed
    A wife whose name is Ed.


    His defenders say his purse is nothing
    But a magic little bag.
    That's a cover-up, as we all know,
    He's just a little fag!
    We cannot let a Teletubby
    Appear in purple drag,
    Moron more...

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