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    The Missionary!

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    A Missionary went to what he thought was an totally uninhabited island. He discovered that there were indeed people there, but the inhabitants of the island knew nothing of civilized culture.
    The missionary decided that it would be in the natives best interest if he could teach them about civilization. He created small schools in huts and taught the natives how to read and write and do mathmetics.
    He would take the natives one by one around the island, and teach them the correct words for objects that they would see. One day, the Missionary is walking around the island with one of the natives.
    They walk past a tree. The Missionary points and says to the native, "Tree".
    The native repeats, "Tree".
    They continue further and come to a bush. The Missionary points to it and says, "Bush".
    The native repeats the word, "Bush".
    They walk around the bush - and lying on the ground behind it, is a native couple whoopi. The more...

    A Native American, who hung an eagle feather from her mortarboard at graduation, won't be getting a diploma.
    Neither will the two African Americans who wore multicolored tribal cloth with their gowns at the Muskogee, OK High School graduation.
    According to the school district in this redneck town immortalized by Merle Haggard, the kids broke the dress code and won't receive their diplomas and transcripts until they complete 25 days of summer school as punishment. The three students are asking the American Civil Liberties Union to help them sue.
    Says Native American Danaj Battese Trudell, "I'm not going to be defined by the white man anymore."
    Based on a story from AP.

    How do you ween a native? Kick his sister in the jaw.

    Washington Native Americans
    New York Very Tall People
    Dallas Western-Style Laborers
    L.A. Uninvited Guests
    Minnesota Plundering Norsemen
    Green Bay Meat Industry Workers.
    San Francisco Precious Metal Enthusiasts
    New Orleans Pretty Good People
    Phoenix Male Finches
    Miami Pelagic Percoid Food Fishes
    Denver Untamed Beasts of Burden
    Cincinnati Large Bangladeshi Carnivorous Mammals
    Tampa Bay West Indies Freebooters
    Detroit Large Carnivorous Cats
    Chicago Securities-Traders-in-a-Declining-Market
    Indianapolis Young Male Horses
    New England Zealous Lovers of Country
    Atlanta Hovering Birds of Prey
    Philadelphia Largely Non-Hovering Birds of Prey
    Seattle Oceanic Birds of Prey
    Tampa Bay Ocean-Going Unlawful Salvage Personnel
    Houston Liquid Fossil Fuel Devotees
    (or taking a different interpretation of oilers) Wheel Rotation Perpetuators
    LA Male Horned Largely-Mountain Faring Ruminants
    NY Air-Fed Inertial more...

    Who would last longer in the sack?
    A White Guy, A Black guy, or a Native American?
    Answer: The Native American, the other two have to work in the morning.

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