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    Eminem/ M & M

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    Eminem/ M & M:
    I don't like the rapper, but I like the candy inside the wrapper.

    -That comment about Elton being "twice the woman" she ever was.
    -Caught Eminem fantasizing about killing other women.
    -Sick of hiding her love for the Insane Clown Posse.
    -Sure, he talks and raps like a black man, but when he takes down his pants...
    -Would rather end up like Nicole Kidman than Nicole SIMPSON.
    -Overheard 5-year-old daughter shouting, "Faggot!" while watching "Mr. Rogers".
    -Recently overtaken by a strange and unfamiliar compulsion to live past the age of 35.
    -I mean come on, people... the dude LOST TO STEELY DAN!!!
    -Thanks to a recent surgery, her head's no longer implanted deep within her own rectum.
    ...And The Top Reason Eminem's Wife Filed For Divorce...
    -Sick of dating a rich, famous, abusive bastard. Would like to try a poor, unknown abusive bastard for a change.

    Eminem is set to become an ambassador for Slim-Fast. He has been approached by the weight loss food and drink manufacturer, famous for its diet shakes, to try out their products and become one of their "success stories."

    To all those kids that thought they were so bad-ass for being into Eminem, remeber this: HA HA HA HA HA!

    Missy Elliott will star in the big-screen version of her life story, Universal Pictures has announced. This continues a trend of major movie studios backing biographical movies of hip-hop artists such as Eminem and 50 Cent.
    Every rapper/actor starring in their life story on a non-straight-to-video release take one step forward. Not so fast Missy.

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