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    Blind man!

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    so there were 3 young nuns named jasmine who was 29 nicole who was 28 and jessica who was 22 in a small church painting the inside cause it had not even opened yet and it was so hot so nicole all of a sudden just took her cloethes off and said hey were all women here so then jasmine and jessica took there cloethes off too.then they heard a knock on the door they said who is it? blind man, he answered so they thought oh well thats ok cause you know he cant see so jasmine said just 1 minute and she went to the door and said welcome and hes like yeah ok nice boobs and which window does these blinds go on??

    Locked Out

    Hot 6 years ago

    Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie were shopping when Paris suddenly realized she locked her keys in the car. So they went back and Paris got out her tweezers to try to pick the lock. She tried for a couple of minutes and then Nicole gave it a try. "Hurry!" Paris said. "It’s starting to rain. And the top is down!"

    When asked to comment on Anna Nicole Smith's pregnancy, Hugh Hefner, her former boss, expressed shock, saying "I didn't know she went vag!"

    According to BBC News, Nicole Kidman didn't need an annulment from Tom Cruise in order to marry Keith Urban in a Catholic Church-since Kidman and Cruise were wed in a Scientology ceremony, they were not officially married by Catholic Church standards.
    Other couples not married by Catholic Church standards include:

    Joseph and Hadassah Lieberman,
    Osama Bin Laden and his wives Fatima, Barakah, and Ghuynda,
    Sir Elton John and David Furnish,
    Genghis and Mrs. Khan,
    and panda bears Ling-Ling and Hsing-Hsing.

    According to ABC News, Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie were spotted together at an L.A. steakhouse.
    "We're still not speaking or anything," said Nicole. "We had just both stopped in to throw up."

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