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    The Common Fart is the fart heard most often. It is a very close relative of the "Ripper", but is released with less force. It is usually heard in groups where people aren't yet comfortable with farting amongst each other. Therefore, one person in the group gets up some nerve and releases this common-sounding fart in such a manner that everyone now feels comfortable with group flatulence.. Usually there is no smell with the Common Fart.
    The Anxious Fart is let in a place where someone does not want the fart to be heard.
    You may have seen men and women in book stores or grocery stores, or even on the street, letting these farts.
    They are generally controlled, usually barely audible, and require much skill to master.
    The Coughing Fart is one that the farter tries to cover up with a cough. My dad used to let these farts all the time when he worked at the Bingo Hall. He would stand at the back of the more...

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