"Air travel" joke

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Air travel: Breakfast in London, dinner in New York, luggage in Brazil.

Entropy has us outnumbered.

Many women are afraid of their first mammogram, but there is no need to worry. By taking a few minutes each day for a week preceding the exam and doing the following practice exercises, you will be totally prepared for the test, and best of all, you can do these simple practice more...

q. What’s the gallbladder’s favorite band?
a. The Rolling Stones.

A dumb blonde was really tired of being made fun of, so she decided to have her hair she would look like a brunette. When she had brown hair, she decided to take a drive in the country.
After she had been driving for a while, she saw a farmer and a flock of sheep and more...

Your Mamma's so fat, when she went bungee jumping, she broke the bridge!

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naoki:That is reading
AZ:welcome to United Airlines
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