"Visiting golfer accompanied by his dog" joke

A visiting golfer was keen to play but the only person in the clubhouse was an old man accompanied by his dog.
The old man said, "I'll play with you provided the dog can come with us." On the first tee the old man hit the ball 250 yds down the fairway. The dog sat on his hind legs and started applauding.
The next shot from the old man landed on the green. Once more the dog sat on his hind legs and applauded.
The old man's third shot of a 20 foot putt went right down the hole.
Once again the dog sat on it's hind legs and applauded.
The visitor said, "Does that dog of yours applaud every shot you take?"
The old man said, "No, when I hit a bad shot he turns summersaults."
"How many summersaults does he turn?"
The old man said, " Depends how hard I kick it in the balls!

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