"3 Gay Guys" joke

3 gay guys are driving down a country road when their car breaks down. They walk for a mile or two before they come across an old farmhouse, so they go up and ask the old farmer who lives there, if they can spend the night until they can get a tow truck out here. The old man agrees but tells them that there is only one bed and the 3 of them will have to share it.
So the 3 gay guys get into bed and go to sleep. The first guy slept on the left, the second slept in the middle, and the third slept on the right. They wake up in the morning around the same time. The first guy says, "Wow, that was the best dream ever! I dreamt Brad Pitt was giving me the best handjob ever!"
The third guy says, "Wow, me too. I dreamt Tom Cruise was giving me the best handjob ever!"
The second guy says, "Hm, thats odd. I had the weirdest dream; I dreamt I was skiing."

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