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An old fraternity brother told us about a gag an undergrad girlfriend of his pulled off last semester: She disguised herself as a boy, joined TKE and the authorities never found out about it.
"Wait a minute," we objected. "If this girl joined a fraternity, she would have had to dress with the guys and shower with them."
"Well then, someone must have discovered she was a girl!"
"Probably," said our friend, downing his drink. "But who'd tell?"

This was told to me about three years ago by a friend who claims he works with
the father of the "hero" of the story:
During Christmas break from college, the kid wanted to borrow his father's car
to drive to a New Year's Eve party at his fraternity house. more...

A man travelling on a business trip was passing through his son's college town late one night and decided to pay him a surprise visit.
He arrived at his son's fraternity house, but since it was quite late, he had to knock for some time before getting a response. Finally, a more...

How many Wake Forest fraternity brothers does it take to make chocolate chip cookies? Seventeen. One to do it and sixteen to shell the M&M's.

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