"Deeper" joke

One day after class Deeper stay to talk to the teacher.Ms.Penis take off your top if you don't I'll cry.So the teacher took off her top.
Ms.Penis take off your pants.No Deeper I won't.If you don't I'll cry.So she took off her pants.
Ms.Penis take off you wonder bra, thong, and sandles.Deeper I can't.If you don't I'll cry.So the teacher off her under wears and sandles.
Ms.Penis push two tables together and clean them off.If you don't I'll cry.So she did.
Ms.Penis lay on the tables and spred your legs out real far.No I can't.Please I am going to cry if you don't.So the teacher did.
Ms.Penis you have a great body.You have huge tits, thin waist, and great butt.So here I come I am going to scrw you.
So Deeper climbed onto the table and started screwing Ms.Penis.Deepers parents walked in and yelled, Deeper!!! So Deeper went a little bit deeper.
When his parents seen what he was doing they yelled once more, Deeper!!! So Deeper went alot deeper.
His parents once more yelled, Deeper!!! This time they heard the teacher"
ohhh thats the spot, Deeper."
So he went even deeper.
He yelled I can't go any deeper.

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