"Asian Quiz" joke

What type of Asian are you?
Girls, take this test to find out
Guys, or scroll down. GIRLS 1. On a typical Friday night, you're most likely to be seen at: A) pool hall
B) the mall
C) at home, getting an early start on homework
D) cafe shop
E) your friend's house, having a sleepover 2. Your normal everyday wear is: A) tight shirts, spaghetti straps, baggy jeans, and extra dark lipstick
B) lots and lots of makeup - to impress the guys of course
C) thick glasses, long sun dresses, penny loafers, or sandals
D) high pumps, expensive designer clothes and tons of jewelry
E) college or Mickey Mouse sweatshirts with blue jeans 3. You usually give out your number when: A) almost never, guys get scared off by your mean looks
B) any foine guy happens to ask for it
C) never - you're not supposed to talk to guys
D) there's money floating around him
E) any white guy asks for it 4. When you go to the mall, you: A) give menacing stares to other Asian girls
B) follow a foine guy for awhile, then get his number
C) stick close to mom
D) get a guy to buy you a drink, then an outfit, maybe some jewelry
E) go with a large girl group to check out the hunky white guys 5. Your ideal guy: A) could fight and take on any guy he sees
B) is anyone with a nice set of buns
C) ohmigod!!! a guy?! I think I'm feeling dizzy...
D) has money
E) one word: white 6. Favorite name brand is: A) Calvin Klein
B) Polo, Hilfiger, or Nautica
C) Ummm... does Kmart brand count?
D) Bebe, Express, Banana Republic, DKNY
E) Esprit, Guess 7. You're best known for: A) beating up any girl that looks your way
B) going out with half of the male population
C) being the master cheat sheet for all tests
D) getting anyone to buy you anything you please
E) attending every single sorority party on campus Time to add up the totals: Mostly A's: Asian Thug Girl - sheesh, give some respect for the other girls. No one wants to date your scary ass face anyway. Mostly B's: Asian Flirt - Hey save some guys for the other girls! Your a big time playa and you need to get over that. Mostly C's: Asian Nerd - Get a life! Learn some social skills and don't be male phobic alright. Mostly D's: Asian Gold Digger - Guys aren't just about money you know. In the future, your gonna get dumped for your demanding ways. Mostly E's: Asian Whitegirl - Awww... Asian Thug Girl's gonna jump you for disgracing her race! Better get your act together and have some pride! 1. On a typical Friday night, your most likely to be seen at: A) the arcade
B) pool hall
C) cafe shop
D) the mall
E) basketball court or gym
F) local bar 2. Your normal everyday wear is: A) baggy pants and heavy Nike jackets
B) dress shirt with loose fit khakis
C) tiny white shirts and black slacks with Fila slippers
D) only name brand clothes
E) sleeveless Nike shirts and warm-ups. also expensive Nike shoes
F) plaid shirts, tight-fitting jeans, and construction boots 3. Your car (or dream car) is a: A) Mitsubishi Eclipse
B) Toyota Supra
C) Acura Legend
D) Acura Integra
E) Honda Prelude
F) any Ford model 4. Skills: A) robbing houses
B) gambling
C) squatting
D) scoring digits from girls
E) dribbling a ball across the court
F) drinking till you vomit 5. Your ideal girl is: A) easy and likes to play dirty
B) impressed by every little thing you do
C) speaks her language and wears spaghetti straps with 10 inch heels
D) HELLA foine!
E) sporty and athletic but girly
F) one word: white 6. Favorite name brand is: A) Timberland, Lugz, Fubu
B) Armani Exchange, Banana Republic
C) Calvin Klein, Guess
D) Polo, Hilfiger, or Nautica
E) Nike
F) Stussy, Mossimo 7. Most used pick up line: A) "Let's go to my house, we fuck, then you disappear, aight?"
B) "Hey baby, wanna ride in my 16-valve twin-cam lowered supra with BBS gold spiked rims and a subwoofered stereo that'll leave you breathless?"
C) "Dooh yooh likkee to singh Karaoke baaby."
D) "Sup hunnie, you kinda cute, can I get your number?"
E) "Oooohh, that's nothing. Come over here and I'll show you some real courting skills."
F) "You know what? It's strange, but I get mistaken for a white guy all the time!" 8. Most prized possession: A) money and drugs
B) cell phone and car
C) ability to squat
D) pager (got to keep up with your girls)
E) your shoes
F) your Nine Inch Nails CD Time to add up the totals: Mostly A's: Asian gangsta - Don't be trying to act hard and tough around everyone, cuz you not! Mostly B's: Asian showoff - Stop showing off your cell phone and car alright, we already know you got one. Mostly C's: Asian Squatter - Where'd you learn to squat so well huh? Oh yea, and learn some English you FOB! Mostly D's: Asian Mack - Dayam, your like a walking phone book wit all the numbers you got. Mostly E's: Asian Baller - I got advice for you: don't wear those tank tops cuz u got skinny ass arms. Mostly F's: Asian Whiteboy - Have some pride in yourself!! And stop acting white washed you disgrace. Potential Matches
Asian Gangsta loves Asian Thug Girl
Asian Showoff loves Asian Gold Digger
Asian Squatter loves Asian?
Asian Mack loves Asian Flirt
Asian Baller loves Asian?
Asian Whiteboy loves Asian Whitegirl

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