"The Fly" joke

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Customer: Oyye Sardar Teri Lassi Me Makhi Hai...!!

Sardar: Oye Chup Bae...!!

Dil Badda Rakh, Ye Nanhi Si Jaan Teri Kitni Lassi Piyegi...!!

Santa Singh: 'Look Banta, what type of glasses they have made. The top is closed. How can you fill lassi in it ?'
Banta Singh: 'Yes, that's funny. And even if you make a hole at the top, how will the lassi stay in the glass when the bottom is open?'

Ik wari america which ik market survey company ne india which washing machine di sale ute survey kita. Ohna de survey de results te sub nu bari harani hoyi. Survey which uhna ne dasya ki washing
machine di sub to jayada sale punjab which hoyi he ate ehna nu kharidan wale GT more...

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