"Prayer for a Boyfriend" joke

Boyfriends prayer

Heavenly father, full of grace
Bless my boyfriends sexyface
Bless his hair that sometimes curl
And keep him away from other girls

Bless his hands that are so strong
Make him keep them where they belong
Bless his arms i love to clench
Bless his tongue i love to french
Bless this man i want to marry
Bless his child i want to carry

Bless his legs that are so fast
And don't forget his big fat ass
Bless his dick that is so firm
Bless the thickness of his sperm

Bless the room that is so dark
On my neck, he left his mark
Bless my breast in which he sucked
Bless the bed in which we fucked
And if my mom walka in
Bless his life that will surely end


By: Ashlow

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