"Geordie visits a brothel." joke

Geordie is on a weekend stag do with his mates, Jock, Taff and Paddy.
Thay visit a Brothel, the Madam explains that they have a simple pricing system, they charge by the lenght of the penis..£10 per inch.
Meeting up later, Jock brags..... "Och, Best £90 a ever spent"....
Paddy says, Cost me £100....... Taff, not wanting to tell them that he paid only £60 decided to lie " You's all got off lightly I had to pay £125!!!
Geordie pipes up..." Really? It only cost me £15 !

Why men have a clear conscience?
Because they have never used it!

A man suspected his wife of seeing another man. So, he hired a famous chinese detective, Mr. Sui Tansow Pok, to watch and report any activities that might develop. A few days later, he received this report:
Most honorable sir:
You leave house.
He come house.
I more...

Geordie is in Dublin on Business and takes a Taxi from the Airport to his Hotel in the City Centre.
As they come out of the Airport, the Taxi driver shoots through a red light. "Driver, you could have killed us, you jumped that red light!" shouts more...

FROM: Patty Lewis, Human Resources Director
TO: All Employees
DATE: October 1, 2009

RE: Gala Christmas Party

I'm happy to inform you that the company Christmas Party will take place on December 23rd, starting at noon in the private function room more...

Even a short pencil is more reliable then the longest memory.

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