"Genie Fall" joke

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One day 3 guys were exploring the edge of a waterfall from one side. They were walking along and then one of them finds a dirty bottle. He rubs it and out pops a Genie! The Genie then says, "You may each jump off this waterfall cliff, name any object, and you will land in it!" So the first guy runs off and says "Money!" and he lands in a huge pile of money. The next guy runs off and yells "Gems!" and he lands in a huge pile of gems (he was later rushed to the hospital.) The last guy is running toward the edge, when he trips over a rock and falls off anyway, when he yells, "AWW, CRAP!"

There were these three American Indians sitting around this campfire one night, discussing where their parents got their names from.
The first Indian said, "My parents decided to call me Jumping Deer because when they were conceiving me, a deer went jumping over more...

What is a waterfall that goes upwards?...Viagrafalls

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Becky:what do people call water that goes down?... A waterfall
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