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    Three men are sitting on the beach in Miami.
    Moishe says; "So, I had a lumber business.
    Huge inventory. Then one night a tragic fire swept through my yard, leaving me nothing to sell but ashes. I collected the insurance, and here I am."
    Bernie replies; "Really? Similar story for me.
    I had a paper supply house. One night
    the sprinkler system accidently goes off, soaks all my inventory, and BANG!, here I am in Florida with my settlement!"
    They both look over at the younger man.
    "So... why are you here?", they ask.
    "My name is Joel and I was a tailor making nice shirts in Hawaii. Without much warning a hurricane hit and blew all my inventory out to sea. Like you, I collected my insurance and here I sit."
    The older two men look at each other and nod silently.
    Then Bernie says;
    "How do you make a hurricane?"

    It was time to take an inventory of the animals on the Old MacDonald's Farm.
    Farmer MacDonald got his 3 sons Gordy, Glenn and Gomer together and assigned a task to each of them. Gordy had to count the chickens, Glenn the pigs and Gomer the cows.
    Gordy went out to the chicken coop and started countin'. 1, 2, 3... 48. And came back and told his father "You have 48 chickens."
    Glenn went to the Pig Barn and counted 1, 2, 3... 53. And came back and told his father "You have 54 pigs."
    Gomer went out in the pasture to count the cows. They were all together at one end of the pasture and Gomer began to count 1, 2, 3, and an udder, and an udder...

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