"Chretien's 'at" joke

Prime Minister Jean Chretien was meeting with officials in Flin Flon, Manitoba. It was a very hot day and the ceremonies took place outside in a local grandstand. The Mayor was surprised to see that Chretien was wearing a large fox fur hat, despite the heat.
After a while the mayor leaned over and spoke up. "Excuse me, Mr. Prime Minister, but I can't help wondering why you are wearing that fox hat when it is so warm?"
Chretien shrugged. "Well, you know 'ow it is", he replied. "My wife, she is da dresser in da family, so I always take 'er advice.
If I go to de Maritime, she say 'Wear da toque'.
If I go to Calgaree, she say 'Wear da stetson'.
Dis time she ask me where I go; I say Flin Flon.
She say 'Flin Flon! Where the fock's 'at ?'
So I did!"

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Eric:So in her accent, she really said "Where the f$&k's that?" because she doesn't know where Flin Flon is. Jean understands it as "wear the fox hat". It's pretty funny, actually.
Anonym:I'm sorry i don't get it please explain?
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