"Ain't Science Something?" joke

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In Kansas, scientists used ground penetrating radar to uncover a meteorite buried 4 feet beneath a field. Their next field assignment is to locate missing Oakland Raider linemen buried in Denver.

What's the difference between the Oakland Raiders and Goodyear tires? Normally, Goodyears don't suffer blow outs only on Sunday afternoons in autumn..

The Oakland Raiders suspended receiver Jerry Porter for conduct detrimental to the team. Allegedly, Porter had started winning.

The NFL Players Association has formed a committee to address the issue of head trauma among players. And among Raiders fans.

One day in Sunday school, the teacher was talking about Jesus is to the kids, "Bobby, where is Jesus?" asked the teacher. "Jesus is in heaven." replied Bobby. "Very good!", said the teacher. The teacher then asked a little girl," Where is more...

Read this from Readers Digest a long time ago: One day a Cowpoke riding the plains, came upon a warrior with his head down on the ground with his ear on a wagon track, the warrior looked up at the cowpoke and said" Wagon with two horses, one black, one white, man with beard more...

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