"Grumpy" joke

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Sometimes I wake up grumpy, other times I let her sleep.

A man on a bus spends much of the journey staring at the guy sitting opposite. Before long the other guy starts staring back and demands to know why he is the focus of so much attention.

“I’m very sorry,” begins the first man, “but if it weren’t for the more...

Q: What do a Christmas tree and a priest have in common?
A: Their balls are just for decoration.

Q: What is the similarity between a rubix cube and a dick?
A: The more you play with them, the harder they get!

After the Great Britain Beer Festival, in London, all the Presidents of the brewreys decide to go to the pub for a drink. The coors President said "Can I have the only beer made with Rocky Mountain Spring Water: a Coors, please."
The bartender gave him the more...

A rather attractive woman goes up to the bar in a quiet rural pub.
She gestures alluringly to the barman who comes over immediately. When he arrives, she seductively signals that he should bring his face close to hers. When he does so, she begins to gently caress his beard more...

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Rose:"Leave me alone with my midol" doesn't sound like anything any woman I know would say. Instead, this poor-excuse-for-a-joke consists completely of stereotypes of both women and men. On a gender-equity level, it fails; on the level of humor, it also fails.
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