"*Stupid Bus*" joke

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Your Mama so fat when she got hit by a bus she said... "Who threw that rock?"

Your mama is so fat she goes to the beach and the whales sing, we are family even though your bigger than me.

Yo momma so fat she has two things in common with a Big Mac: full of fat and worth a dollar!



by ryt

your hairline so far back i thought u went bald in 3rd grade

Person 1: Knock, Knock
Person 2: Who's there?
Person 1: Cows go.
Person 2: Cows go who?
Person 1: No, silly! Cows go moo!

all we need to do is put a flashlight to your hairline then we will get the batmat symbol

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kakashi:boi your hairline is so bad mcdonalds got there m sing from your hairline
Joke Buddha:Nah dawg Man U look like the batman symbol with yo rejected spelling bee contestant dnt make me shut this fucking website down u faggot ass bitches I will shut it down forever NO FUCKING LIE
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