Funny gal's Jokes

Bruce comes home from the pub and sees Sheila watching Gordon Ramsay's F%*#ing cooking show on the telly.
Bruce says; "What are you watching that shit for? You can't cook to save your life!."
To which Sheila replies; "So what? You watch porn movies, don’t you?"

- Fuck off, ninja!
- Nan, thats a muslim.

Sitting nan in the naughty corner because she started a fight at bingo

Finding the police at the door cause Nans been dealing

- Stop ya crying cunt
- nan please its a baby

'go back to africa, go back to india!'
'Nan shut up were at the zoo.'

''These Nan Jokes are getting old....''
''So is your Nan....''
"My Nan is dead, yeahhh. Awkward, right?"