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    Husband: Want a quickie? Wife: As opposed to what?

    Bad: You can't find your vibrator. Worse: Your daughter "borrowed" it. Bad: You find a porn movie in your son's room. Worse: You're in it. Bad: Your children are sexually active. Worse: With each other. Bad: Your husband's a cross dresser. Worse: He looks better than you. Bad: Your son's involved in Satanism. Worse: As a sacrifice. Bad: Your wife wants a divorce. Worse: She's a lawyer. Bad: Your wife's leaving you. Worse: For another woman. Bad: Your wife's leaving you. Worse: To enter a convent. Bad: Your wife's arrested for soliciting. Worse: She implicates you. Good: Hot outdoor sex. Bad: You're arrested. Worse: By your husband. Good: The postman's early. Bad: He's wearing camos and has an AK-47. Good: The secretary said "yes." Bad: Your wife says "no." Good: The teacher likes your son. Bad: Sexually. Worse: He's gay. Good: You came home for a quickie. Bad: So did the postman. Good: You came home for a quickie. Bad: Your wife walks in. Good: You get a more...

    John and Karen thought the only way to pull off a Saturday afternoon quickie was to send their son on the porch and report the daily activities.
    The son said, "A red car went down the street... someone got their newspaper... and it looks like the Anderson's are screwing."
    Startled John and Karen shot up in bed. His father said, "Why do you say that?"
    "Becky is on their porch reporting activities too," he replied.

    A guy goes into a restaurant and looks over the menu. After a few minutes, the waitress comes to the table and asks the guy what he'd like.
    "I'd like a quickie".
    The waitress blushes and says, "That's not funny, sir. Now, what would you like to order?"
    "I'd really like a quickie".
    The waitress slaps him hard and storms off angrily.
    Another customer, overhearing the conversation, leans over and says to the guy, "Um, I think that it's pronounced 'quiche'"

    Bill Clinton and Al Gore went into a local diner for lunch. As they read the menu, the waitress came over and asked Clinton, "Are you ready to order, sir?"
    Clinton replies, "Yes, I'd like a quickie."
    "A quickie?!" the waitress replies with disgust. "Sir, given the current situation of your personal life, I don't believe that's a good idea. I'll come back later when you are ready to make an order from the MENU."
    She walks away.
    Gore leans over to Clinton and says, "Sir, it's pronounced 'Quiche'…"

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