"Goofs for Titanic" joke

Jack won his ticket by beating 2 pair with a full house. However, when we first see Jack's hand, he has nothihg that could be made in to a full house, and only draws one card.
Revealing mistakes
A strip of desert is visible between the dock and the Titanic when docked at Southampton.
Jack claims to have gone ice fishing on Lake Wissota, which wasn't created until five years after the Titanic sank. Jacks claims to have visited the Santa Monica Pier, which did not begin construction until 1916. The pipe frames supporting the third class berths have set-screw speed rail fittings, not developed until 1946.
In the scene where Jack is teaching Rose to spit, there is no spit on his chin as he starts to turn around to face the ladies, but by the time he has completed his turn he has some on his chin.
The main characters have lunch in the Palm Court/Verandah on A Deck. These were not used for dining, although passengers could order tea or a small snack. Cal orders lamb with mint sauce for himself and Rose. Lamb was only available for dinner on the ship, while mutton was reserved for
lunch. The lamb was prepared in the D-Deck galley and would not have been served in the Palm Court.
Revealing mistakes
While Jack and Rose are walking on the promenade the day after he rescues her, a small hill with a building on it is visible over Jack's shoulder and above the ship.
Jack takes Rose and Molly's arms to go into dinner. They start walking, but in the next shot they are still standing apart.
Factual errors
The worship services held at 10:30 on Sunday April 14th, 1912, in the First Class Dining Room were open to all passengers of the ship.
"Eternal Father Strong To Save" is sung during the worship service; the verse that begins "Lord, guard and guide the men who fly/ Through the great spaces in the sky" was written by Mary C. D. Hamilton in 1915.
Factual errors
During the scene when Rose "flies" from the ship's bow, the sunlight is clearly falling almost exactly straight across the ship from left to right. On the evening of the 14th, the ship would be steaming somewhere between WSW and SW; the lighting in the movie would indicate that the sun is between SSE and SE, when it actually would have been between W and WNW.
Factual errors
Workers in the Titanic's engine room had to wear thick protective clothing to shield them from the heat generated by the engines.
The gauges in the engine room are fitted with sweated tubing fittings, a plumbing technique not available when the ship was constructed. The fittings should have been threaded brass.
Factual errors
There was no door between boiler room 6 and the cargo area (and no access to any but authorized crew). If there had been a door, it would have entered the third cargo area aft, not the one where the Renault was stored.
When Captain Smith enters the wheelhouse, the ship's telegraph is set to "Full Reverse" instead of "All Stop".
Factual errors
First Officer Murdoch did not shoot anyone, including himself. It is impossible for voices to echo in the middle of the North Atlantic unless there is a large, flat object like a ship nearby.

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