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    Dear Star Savior,

    Hi. I'm actor Charlie Sheen. In some angry voice mail I sent my ex-wife Denise Richards in 2005, I used the N-word and the C-word. The message was leaked onto the Internet this week, and I'm catching a lot of heat for it. I have apologized for my choice of words, but I'm not sure that was enough. What should I do?

    Dear Charlie,

    I'm OK with you hitting your ex-wife with the N-word and C-word, but your voice mail is a sign of a problem: Technology is ruining racism and sexism.

    It’s sad. There are people who have never used a slur face-to-face, the way the pioneers did it. Back then, showing hate was an event, something to plan a day around. But now, people like you just fire off some e-mail or voice mail, throw in a halfhearted slur or two, then go on with their lives. It's just another task on your to-do list: "Buy Batteries. Lunch Meeting. Hate."

    But you can use your celebrity to help turn things around. more...

    This is an original composition in response to a debate on affirmative
    action in can.politics.
    Jan 20, 1989 Edmonton.
    In a morning press conference, Minister of Justice Ed Dirk announced
    that his ministry will be adopting an affirmative action program.
    "Men have traditionally constituted the vast majority of inmates in
    Canadian prisons," he explained, "and we can not find any conclusive
    genetic or hormonal basis for this." In attempt to correct the imbalance,
    the corrections department will be implementing the following programs:
    o Early release of some male prisoners.
    o A compulsory course for all judges detailing a sentencing policy
    that will yield a more gender-balanced prison population.
    o An "equality based arrest policy" that basically consists of
    arbitrarily arresting women.
    It is this third provision which has raised the most controversy.
    Tracey Smith, spokesperson for the Constructive more...

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