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    A Shopworker feels horny and decides to have a wank there and then. Frapping away he hears the owner approaching, he panics and shoves his cock in the till.
    "You look happy!" says the owner.
    "Yeah," replies the worker, "I've just come into some money."

    Two gay men were in bed fooling around when all of asudden the door bell rings. The first gay man tellsthe second, "Don't cum until I come back", and herushes off to answer the door. After a few minutes, he eagerly returns to the bedroomonly to find cum was all over the bed and sheets. Hesays to the second gay man, "I thought you wasn't goingto cum until I came back. The second gay man says to thefirst, "I didn't cum,. ....... I farted! Sent by Ken "C"

    What a Chinese Restaurant Menu might sound like. SUC MI PUGODA
    6969 Fellatio Blvd.
    Escondildo, CA 12698
    A LA CARTE DINNER COMBINATIONS $2. 69 each Includes Smeg Roll and Fortune Nookie Cum Drop Soup 1. Goo In Hand..............$9. 69 Fresh every 2. 7 days For those dining alone Pee Yu Platter 2. Goo Wee Chick............$6. 99 Clothes pins extra Sloppy seconds no extra charge Hoo Flung Poo 3. Cum Too Soon..............$6. 99 Napkins and raincoats provided Order early, these go fast Suc Sum Tit 4. Suc Mi Wang..............$6. 99 Children's Special Traditional Chinese Meatloaf Yung Poon Tang 5. Sum Dum Chick............$4. 69 No take out orders You get what you pay for LUNCHEON SPECIALS 6. Fuc Mei Slo..............$6. 69 Not available after 10: 00 PM Sum Yung Chick........$6. 99 7. Lik Mi Clit..............$6. 99 Different and Delicious A Lip Smacking Oriental Delicacy Won Hung Lo...........$6. 99 8. Cho Kon It...............$9. 99 Not more...

    A survey of personnel executives at large companies provided the following unbelievable but supposedly true examples of job applicant behavior.
    "The reason the candidate was taking so long to respond to a question became apparent when he began to snore."
    "When I asked the candidate to give a good example of the organizational skills she was boasting about, she said she was proud of her ability to pack her suitcase' real neat' for her vacations."
    "Why did (the applicant) go to college?" His reply: "To party and socialize."
    "When I gave him my business card at the beginning of the interview, he immediately crumpled it and tossed it in the wastebasket."
    "I received a resume and letter that said that the recent high-school graduate wanted to earn $25 an hour-'and not a nickel less.'"
    "(The applicant) had arranged for a pizza to be delivered to my office during a lunch-hour interview. I asked him more...

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