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    Your stomach growls when you don't eat rice for a day. You believe kecap ABC could turn bad cooking to gourmet food. You think our country is a democracy. You talk during a movie. You use a bucket instead of toilet paper in the bathroom. You eat fried rice in the morning. You prefer Versace or Moschino jeans over Gap or Levi's. You don't think Jim Carrey is funny. You think Onky Alexander is a hunk. You think Rhoma Irama is kampungan. You carry a 16 oz. jar of sambal to where ever you travel. Driving a car that is cheaper than $15, 000 embarrasses you. You think dangdut is stupid, but listen to it anyways, because you are homesick. You are willing to travel 25 miles to buy tahu and tempe. You are "Dreaming of a WARM Christmas". You are very good at avoiding potholes and other road hazards. Your local McDonald's serves rice and sambal. You think Supermi is a staple food. You have ever tried passing a Rp 50 coin as a quarter in a US vending machine/pay phone. You have ever more...

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