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    When Mahathir was visiting Singapore, PM Goh though he'd show the M'sian Premier Singapore's Telecommunication capabilities. As the M'sian entourage was touring SingTel's corporate HQ, being shown all it's new telecom technology, Dr. M noticed a strange telephone sitting in one corner of the room. Walking over, he found the phone glowed dark red, and had weird occultic symbols where numbers ought to be.

    He turned to ask the SingTel representative what it was. The rep stiffened momentarily, then answered,' It's a hotline to hell, Dr Mahathir.' Curious, Dr M wanted to give it a try. Picking up the handset, he heard a rumbling demonic voice,' Please deposit S$10, 000 for the first minute.' When Dr. M returned home, he called up the Minister responsible for telecommunications and told him of his discovery.

    The minister then said,' Oh, we have that too, sir. We just don't like to talk about it.'' Let me see it.' said Dr. M. So the minister brought Dr M. to see the more...

    There was once LKY visited India. He was warmly welcomed by Gandhi, who took him to view many places in India. After sightseeing, LKY has this to say to Gandhi,' All the places I have visited in India are dirty, filthy and untidy. you should see how clean Singapore is!'
    A month later, Gandhi made a visit to Singapore. LKY brought him to Compass Rose for dinner. Gandhi who was unhappy with LKY insult, tried to find some dirty places in Singapore to return the insult.
    He took a pair of binoculars and look all around singapore to find a place which is dirty, but could find none. Finally, Gandhi after 10 mins of searching, saw a place which is very dirty and untidy.
    He signaled to LKY and ask him to take a look. Gandhi said,' This particular place is extremely dirty and untidy. Can you tell me where it is?'
    LKY took a look from the binos and said with a smile,' Oh, that is Little India.'

    Top 10 reasons why there are no sex scandals in Singapore... 10. Can't even be naked in own home, how to have sex?
    9. Ah Lians don't exactly turn our leaders on.
    8. Our leaders are cloned; no need for sex.
    7. Hotels in Geylang no longer allowed to rent out rooms by the hour.
    6. Sex not one of the 5 C's.
    5. Oral sex still illegal in Singapore.
    4. SPGs only go for foreigners.
    3. Kiasee - don't want to get AIDS
    2. Amended Women's Charter can bankrupt adulterous men.
    1. And the number one reason why there are no sex scandals... Still confused over condoms and condos.

    Dr M has great difficulty trying to find solutions to his country's economic and currency problems. He knows his brain isn't working well now. So he decides to go to the United States to have a brain transplant. He thought that with a new brain, he can think better and can find better solutions to the problems. The neurosurgeon asked Dr M if he wanted a cheap brain or an expensive one. Cheap brains are Singapore brains while the expensive ones are Malaysian brains. Dr M was simply overjoyed. He could not stop laughing. He said' At last, we have something more valuable than they have!' While smiling from ear to ear, and out of curiosity, he asked the neurosurgeon,' but why are Singapore brains so cheap and Malaysian brains so expensive?' The neurosurgeon replied' Oh, its very simple. These Singaporeans really overused their brains. They don't just plan 1 or 5 years ahead. They plan a generation ahead. Malaysians, on the other hand, hardly use their brains. These brains are virtually more...

    Singapore and Malaysia have a different philosophies of life. This becomes apparent when we compare the two countries' Rules of Simple Living. Singapore: 1 - One Wife
    2 - Two Children
    3 - Three Bedroom Condo
    4 - Four Wheels
    5 - Five Figure Salary And indeed, that is why' Singapore is solid'! Malaysia? Well, Malaysia's Rules of Simple Living are the following: 5 - Five Children
    4 - Four Wives
    3 - Three Figure Salary
    2 - Two Wheels
    1 - One-Story Link House...

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