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    Meetha Mai Goel who has a halwa business went to consult advocate Hoshiar Mai on a legal problem.' Vakeel sahib, a dog ran into my shop and before I could shoo it away, he took a mouthful of halwa from the big plate. I had to throw the rest away. The halwa was worth at least Rs. 50. Please tell me if I can recover my money from the owner of the dog.'
    'Most certainly you can,' assured the vakeel sahib.' The master of the dog is responsbile for what his dog does.'
    'That is very good,' said Meetha Mai Goel.' Please le me have Rs. 50, as it was your dog that ate my halwa.'

    A Khalistan Roadways bus plying between the state's major towns had a Nihang conductor.' Where to?' he asked a young Sikh passenger before issuing him a ticket.
    'Amritsar,' replied the youngster.
    The Nihang conductor gave him a clout on the head and said,' It is Sri Amritsar Sahib.'
    The youngster quickly corrected himself,' Yes, of course! One for Sri Amritsar Sahib.'
    The next passenger was a Hindu.' Where to?' asked the Nihang.
    'Sri Ludhian Sahib,' replied the other timidly.
    He too was rewarded with a clout on the head.' Only Ludhiana, no Sri or Sahib admonished the Nihang before issuing him a ticket.
    The third passenger happended to be a worldlywise Marwari. When asked for his destination, he replied;' Nihangji kindly give me a ticket for Sri Amritsar Sahib; thereafter I will go on foot to my village.'
    The Nihang was pleased: if you are not completing your journey by this bus, no need for a ticket-shikcet,' replied the Nihang.

    Once upon a time there lived a very powerful Nawab Sahib who loved vegetable gardens and courtiers. One day he had his throne placed in the midst of a patch of brinjals.' Allah be praisedl' he exclaimed.' What a beautiful vegetable is this brinjal! What exquisite shape! What smoothness of texture! What colouring!'
    'Ala Hazrat' chorused the courtiers. "Indeed Allah has made the brinjal the most beautiful of all vegetables in the world.'
    'But it does not taste very good,' remarked the Nawab Sahib.' And doctors say it has little food value.'
    'Exactly so!' agreed the courtiers.' It is the foulest of foods. It is better to take poison than eat brinjal.'
    'You are a strange lot,' said the Nawab Sahib irately.' When I praise the brinjal, you heap superlatives on it. When I say a word in criticism, you execrate it in equally strong language. What kind of people are you?'
    The courtiers replied in courtly courtesy:' Ala Hazrat, we eat your salt, not that of the more...

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