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    Having lost his donkey Natha got down on his knees and started thanking God. A passerby saw him and asked,' Your donkey is missing; what are you thanking God for?'
    Natha replied,' I am thanking him for seeing to it that I wasn't riding the donkey at that time, otherwise I would have been missing too.'

    What kind of detective is Natha?'
    'Well, once a burglar wearing calf-skin gloves, robbed a safe. Natha took the fingerprints and five days later, arrested a cow in Haryana.'

    Natha and his wife wanted to buy a colour television set. They went to the biggest television shop in Jalandhar where the following conversation took place:
    Shopkeeper:' What kind of TV. set would you like to buy, sir?'
    Natha.' Colour T. V. set only.'
    After the shopkeeper had shown them the different sets available, Natha and his wife went to one side and began an animated discussion. After some time, the shopkeeper helpfully enquired,' What are you discussing? Maybe I can help you?'
    'We have a problem. We can't decide which colour to buy,' replied Natha.

    Natha Singh and Prem Singh, two carpenter friends, were doing a job in a gallery to be set up for an exhibition of paintings by Satish Gujral.
    Now during the lunch break, these two carpenters had a couple of drinks. When they resumed work, one of them got hold of a nail, climbed the stool and placing the head of the nail on the wall started hammering on the pointed side of the nail. Realising that the nail was not going in, he had a close look. He still held the nail with its head resting on the wall. He pondered for a while and then called out to his companion, "Oh, Natha Singha, come and see. The person who has manufactured this nail is a fool. He has made this nail upside down."
    Natha Singh came and saw Prem Singh holding the nail with its head against the wall. He exclaimed, "It is you who are a fool. This nail is meant for the wall on the opposite side." He caught hold of the nail in the position it was in, took it to the other wall and hammered it more...

    How could the prisoner have gotten away?' snarled the army Major at the responsible Subedar.' I told you to put men on all the entrances!'
    'So I did, sir,' said Subedar Natha Singh.' I think he got out by one of the exits.'

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