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    A guy hears a knocking on his door. He opens it up, and no one is there. He looks all around and he finally sees a little snail sitting on the doormat. He picks it up and throws it across the street into a field.
    Ten years later, he hears a knocking on his door. He opens it up and no one is there. He looks all around, and he finally sees a little snail sitting on the doormat.
    The snail says,' What the heck was that all about?'

    One day a child and his father are on a bike ride down a country lane until the man falls off, and shouts BASTARD as he wimpers in pain and the child asks "Daddy what does bastard mean". The man still wimpering in pain looks around and searches for something and he sees a police car in the distance and says to his son, "Bastard means police man son". Later on when they get home, the man is watching a football match and has just lost a bet on it and shouts "My arse" due to an offside and the child asks his dad, "What does my arse mean dad?" so the man puzzled again looks around and looks at the door and sees the doormat, and says "Doormat son, doormat" later that night, the man is shaving and cuts himself and screams "SHIT!" and the little boy asks what shit means. His father still holding his face feels the shaving cream and says "Shaving cream son, shaving cream," The little boy walks downstairs and his mum has more...

    The evening had been going very well, but now, at the critical moment, the girl wouldn't let the playboy into her apartment. Her excuse was thin: "My roommate's home."
    Bitter, her date said, "In other words, I'm supposed to ignore this doormat that says Welcome?"
    "Of course, silly," she laughed. "There certainly isn't room enough for us on that!"

    A man and his son were driving in the car, when a police pulled them over for speeding. "
    Oh Shit!"
    exclaimed the father.
    What does shit mean daddy?"
    Asked the little boy innocently.
    It's...ummm, it's just what you sometimes call a police man."
    When they got home, the father slipped on the doormat, "
    Oh Piss!"
    exclaimed the father.
    What does piss mean daddy?"
    Asked the boy innocently.
    It's what you sometimes call, a doormat."
    The father made his way to the boot rack and tripped over a chair exlaiming; "
    Oh Shag!"
    As he landed on it.
    What does shag mean daddy?"
    asked the little boy innocently.
    It's another way of saying... Sit on."
    The man went upstairs and was shaving his face,, when he cut himself. "
    Of Bollocks!"
    Exclaimed the man.
    The little boy popped more...

    There once was a boy, whose parents was a cursed a lot.
    One time, while he was on a drive with his dad, a policeman pulled him over and gave him a ticket. "Bastard!" the father muttered afterwards.
    The boy asked, "What does 'bastard' mean?"
    The dad told him nervously, "It's a slang word for 'police officer'."
    Another time, the dad was walking out of the house. On his way out, he tripped over the doormat and yelled, "Shit!"
    The boy heard and asked, "Dad, what does 'shit' mean?"
    The dad said to him, "It means 'doormat'."
    Later, the boy went into the kitchen and his mum was cooking eggs. She dropped one and yelled angrily, "Tit!"
    The boy asked her, "What does 'tit' mean?"
    The mum told him, "It's another word for 'eggs'".
    The dad came back home later and went upstairs. The boy followed him up. The dad went into the bathroom, closing the door behind him. Seconds more...

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