"Watch your language" joke

A man and his son were driving in the car, when a police pulled them over for speeding. "
Oh Shit!"
exclaimed the father.
What does shit mean daddy?"
Asked the little boy innocently.
It's...ummm, it's just what you sometimes call a police man."
When they got home, the father slipped on the doormat, "
Oh Piss!"
exclaimed the father.
What does piss mean daddy?"
Asked the boy innocently.
It's what you sometimes call, a doormat."
The father made his way to the boot rack and tripped over a chair exlaiming; "
Oh Shag!"
As he landed on it.
What does shag mean daddy?"
asked the little boy innocently.
It's another way of saying... Sit on."
The man went upstairs and was shaving his face,, when he cut himself. "
Of Bollocks!"
Exclaimed the man.
The little boy popped up and said quite innocently, "
What does bollocks mean daddy?"
It's another word for... cheek"
The little boy went downstairs and into the kitchen where his mother was carving a chicken.
Hi Mum!!"
Shouted the boy. The mother in surprise jumped, and cut herslef with the knife. "
Fucking Hell!!"
She exclaimed.
What does fucking mean mummy?"
asked the little boy innocently.
uum, it means carving son."
There was a knock at the door. The little boy answered it, it was the policeman.
The little boy said:
Hello shit, dont slip on the piss, shag a chair while you wait. My dad's upstairs shaving his bollocks, and my mum's in the kitchen fucking a chicken."

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