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    A political activist named Dave was just arriving in Hell, and was
    told he had a choice to make. He could go to Capitalist Hell or to
    Communist Hell.
    Naturally, Dave wanted to compare the two, so he wandered over to
    Capitalist Hell. There outside the door was Rockerfeller, looking bored.
    "What's it like in there?" asked Dave. "Well," he replied, "In
    Capitalist Hell, they flay you alive, boil you in oil, chain you to a
    rock and let a vulture tear your liver out, and cut you up into small
    pieces with sharp knives."
    "That's terrible!!" gasped Dave. "I'm going to check out Communist
    Hell!" He went over to Communist Hell, where he discovered a huge line
    of people waiting to get in; the line circled around the lobby seven
    times before receding off into the horizon. Dave pushed his way through
    to the head of the line, where he found Karl Marx busily signing people
    in. Dave asked Karl more...

    A man goes to the doctor for a checkup. After the checkup, the doctor tells the man he has bad news. "You only have six months to live."
    The man sits for a while thinking, and then says, "There's only one thing I can do, I'm going to become a Communist."
    The doctor asks,"You've been a patriotic American all your life, why are you going to become a Communist now?"
    The man says, "Better one of them should die than one of us!"

    There was a communist named Rudolph. One day he looked out the window and said, "It looks like a storm is coming." "No it isn't," said his wife. "Besides, how would you know?" "Because," he responded, "Rudolph the Red knows rain, dear."

    All my money is an electronic blip.
    Someone will realize that I am overpayed.
    They will find out that I am only a parasite, but I make to much to give it up.
    There are more of them than us.
    I need to make as much as I can as quickly as I can while this opportunity lasts.
    They may stop thinking that they are inferior.
    God gave me my money, so no one has the right to take it away
    There are so many more of them than us.
    You can't trust politicians, they will take your money and still raise your taxes.
    My lawyer is stealing from me.
    My employees are stealing from me.
    My chideren are stealing from me.
    The Russians may go Communist again.
    They might realize that no one controls the economy.
    The Market will crash, and I won't be short.
    Ralph Nader is running for President.
    The Chinese may go Communist again.
    There are so many more of them than us.
    My kids will grow up gay and take Negro lovers.
    There are so many more more...

    Only the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) can assure economic prosperity. Only the CCP can maintain societal stability. No one wants freedom. All Chinese demand national reunification meaning that the mainland must take over Taiwan. The one child policy works. China is capitalist. The Tiananmen Massacre was necessary in order to prevent chaos. Only the CCP produces people capable of leading the country. Deng Xiaoping intended to implement democracy. 1 country 2 systems works. Mao unified China. Falun Gong wants to destroy China. The CCP opposes corruption. CCP is like the sun. The CCP cares about Chinese. The People's Liberation Army (PLA) has the ability to invade and take over Taiwan. The PLA won the 1979 war with Vietnam. 1 million dead PLA' volunteers' in Korea constituted a victory. The PLA knows how to maintain the modern Russian aircraft and ships that it purchased Zhu Rongji wants to clean up corruption. Mainland corruption is not creeping into Hong Kong. Falun Gong is a more...

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